About us

Star2Billing S.L. was originally formed in 2009 to provide commercial support, installation and training to telecommunications companies that wished to deploy A2Billing.

Star2Billing now has a suite of Open Source products including A2Billing; a Telecom switch and billing platform, CDR-Stats; a Call Data Record analysis program, and has contributed to a number of other Open Source telephony projects. Please see  http://www.star2billing.com for Star2billing’s telecoms solutions.

The motivation behind those who create open source software is their belief in quality, the hope that the users will find their creation useful and that those users will donate their time and money to make it even better.

This does not just apply to those with programming skills. For instance, even those with no programming knowledge can make immense contributions by reporting bugs, writing documentation and helping other new users to understand Newfies-Dialer.

To get more information on participating in the Newfies-Dialer community, please see our community pages.

Another way that you can contribute to the the development of Newfies-Dialer is to purchase consultancy from us, including integration with third party solutions, developing voice applications, and adding more modules and functionality to Newfies-Dialer.

For more information, or if you have a feature or product that you want to sponsor, then please do contact us with details of what you need.