We have created documentation for all audiences and skill levels, commencing with an overview and diagram of how it works, a beginners guide to installation on a single server to making the first call, and detailed documentation for developers and solutions providers integrating Newfies-Dialer with third party applications.

How it works: –  An overview of the architecture of Newfies-Dialer, and how it interacts with other systems.

Beginners Guide: – A step-by-step guide with automated install scripts, taking the beginner from operating system installation through to making their first call.

Full Documentation: – Complete documentation on the entire system, including developer reference guides, API descriptions, installation overviews, and much more.

Community: – Resources for developers who are interested in participating in the development of Newfies-Dialer.

Get started with Newfies-Dialer

Installation is simple with our automated scripts, and we have a range detailed documentation. Professional support and installation can be contracted.

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Legal Footnote

Note that in some countries, telemarketing, phone polling, and automated dialling is under regulatory control, and advice should be sought as to how best to remain within the limits of the law. First points of reference may be Ofcom in the UK and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the USA.