The Star2Billing Team would like to enable developers to contribute to The Newfies-Dialer Project!

Those without programming experience are invited to join in as well to help develop documentation, bug reports, translations, and general help for new users.

Newfies-Dialer development takes place on GitHub which can be found at

There is more guidance on how to get involved with Newfies-Dialer on Github on our development pages.

Getting the latest code

In order to get the latest code, you will need to clone our Git repository

The command to do this is: –

git clone git://

Reporting Bugs

Bugs can be submitted to the development team via the following link:-

We also invite experienced developers to squash a few bugs after first viewing our coding styles and taking a look at the developer documentation.

Community Guidelines

Every community has to have a set of rules, which distill down to “Be Polite”. However there are more details about our community guidelines in the documentation.


The Project Founder and Technical Director is Areski Belaid of Star2Billing S.L.