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Please see a list of the key features of  Newfies-Dialer.

  • IVR support – Multiple survey IVR nodes:
    • Play Message – play pre-recorded audio or use text to speech to a contact on answer.
    • Capture Digits – Capture a number of digits, with checks to confirm they are the right length within a specified range.
    • Multi-choice – capture a single digit between 0 and 9.
    • Rating – Capture a number between 1 and X with checks to confirm the number is within the specified range.
    • Record – Record audio from the contact.
    • Conferencing – Dial contacts and put them into the same conference room.
    • DNC – Do Not Call, give contact ability to opt out of further calls.
    • Call Transfer – Bridge the call to an agent on contact answering for live lead generation “Press One” campaigns
    • SMS – Send an SMS to the contact during the call.
    • Branching – Go to specified part of the IVR depending on the contact’s input.
    • Tag support in TTS – Text to speech with contact tags so that variables can be inserted into the message, for example; “Hello, Mr {surname}, we are calling you in behalf of {company_name}”.
    • HTTP API – Direct IVR actions according to an external information source.
    • Call Transfer Recording – Record the transferred leg of the call for training and information purposes.
    • TTS Support – Text to Speech support using MRCP including Cepstral, Loquendo and many others.
  • Reporting – extensive call data and survey reports exportable to CSV.
  • TTS Support – Text to Speech support in Flite and multiple languages using Acapela TTS
  • Audio Upload – Simple interface for uploading audio files.
  • AMD – Answering Machine Detection with “record-your-message-now” beep identification. Read More
  • SMS – SMS broadcasting supported. Sign up to Clickatell.
  • White-labeling – Can be rebranded with a custom template. Read More
  • Highly Scalable – Uses Celery to provide a task queue based on distributed message passing, sending commands to application messaging systems. such as Redis or RabbitMQ, which in turn can send instructions to multiple instances of Freeswitch to make millions of calls per day.
  • Multi-User – Supports multiple users, facilitating SaaS voice broadcast providers to allow their customers to create their own voice broadcast campaigns.
  • Integration – Straightforward integration with third party applications using API’s that correspond to every function available via the web interface.
  • API Explorer – Interface to experiment and test API calls.
  • Extensive Documentation – Comprehensive documentation to help beginners, systems integrators and developers alike become involved with Newfies-Dialer. http://docs.newfies-dialer.org/en/latest/
  • Telephony – Based on leading open source Freeswitch telephony engine.
  • Distributed – Runs on one or more machines. Supports broker clustering and HA when used in combination with RabbitMQ.
  • Instantly scalable – You can set up new workers without central configuration.
  • Concurrency – Throttle Concurrent Calls Scheduling.
  • Recurring Tasks –  Supports recurring tasks like cron, or specifying an exact date or countdown for when the task should be executed.
  • Auto-Redial – Can re-try to the non connected numbers at a later time.
  • Web Interface – Newfies can be managed via a Web interface.
  • Realtime web-based reports – For call details and current calls.
  • Remote Queries – You can query status and results via URLs, enabling the ability to poll task status using Ajax.
  • Error Emails –  Can be configured to send emails to the administrator if a tasks fails.
  • Import Contacts – Import contact details from a .csv file

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