Licensing & Rebranding

Newfies-Dialer has been released under the Mozilla Public License, Version 2, (MPL V2) as described at

The MPL license is commercially friendly in that it allows companies to combine their own closed source development with Newfies-Dialer without the perceived limitations of some open source licenses.

Furthermore, the MPL makes provision to allow improvements to the software to be passed upstream to us for the benefit of all users of Newfies-Dialer. However we do ask that the license is respected, including leaving copyright and author information intact in the source code. If you want to rebrand Newfies-Dialer, and remove reference to us, then we provide a permission to do this.


Newfies-Dialer can be rebranded to suit your corporate image. For those who need a permission to remove the licensing, copyright, and author information from the web pages, or those that want us to design a new template for Newfies-Dialer to match your corporate image, we provide a permission, design and rebranding service. Read More.

Alternative Licensing

A company may, perfectly reasonably, want to make a derivative proprietary commercial application from Newfies-Dialer or combine Newfies-Dialer with another larger application, and completely white-label Newfies-Dialer, and the MPL may not be suitable for their requirements.

In this case, we would ask you to contact us with your plan for Newfies-Dialer, and discuss options with us, which may simply result in a written permission, e.g. to remove the copyright, or re-license Newfies-Dialer for your particular application. Naturally, the costs can vary depending on your requirements.

If you have any questions on licensing, or you are unsure of your obligations under the MPL, please contact us for clarification.