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Features include:

Voice Broadcasting

Send voice messages and reminders to thousands or millions of contacts at high speed.

Outbound IVR

Build interactive voice apps using recordings or use TTS for a more personal touch.

Press-1 Campaign

Call contacts with a pre-recorded message and ask them press 1 to transfer the call to your agent.

Predictive Dialer

Varies the rate of calling proportional to the number of agents available to take calls keeping staff fully utilised.

Mass Text Messaging

Use text Broadcasts to send marketing messages, alerts, promotions and updates.

Voicemail Detection

Leave a voicemail message right after the beep and move straight on to the next call - a massive time saver!

Personalised Messages with Text to Speech

Personalise your message to each contact using text-to-speech in different languages.


Redial contacts who did not answer or complete your call ensuring that your results are as complete and accurate as they can be.

Solutions provided by Newfies-Dialer

Live Lead Generation

Press one campaigns used for lead generation where you call your prospect, explain your proposition and invite them to press 1 to speak to an agent are a very effective and low cost marketing and sales tool.


Broadcasting marketing or information messages to existing customers as well as sending messages to leads and prospects to raise awareness of your product or service. Messages can be pre-recorded or customised with text to speech.

Phone Polling, Surveys & Voting

Ring thousands or millions of people per day, poll their opinions, carry out a market research survey or take their vote via a key press in response to an IVR and record the results.

Debt Collection

Chase debt automatically by phone, retry debtors that don’t answer on multiple phone numbers. Invite them to press 1 to speak to the finance department. Debtors that do not respond to you messages can be called again until they do respond.

Voice Broadcasting Software

Use voice broadcasting and SMS messaging for direct advertising, live lead generation, product updates, appointment reminders and emergency notifications.

Auto Dialer Software

Newfies-Dialer is an Auto Dialer and SMS messaging platform that sends telephone calls and text messages at very high speed to help you grow and retain your customer base effectively.

Also Designed for Resellers

Use Newfies-Dialer multi-tenant, billing and credit card integration features to provide autodialing & voice broadcasting as a service to your own customers.

White Labelled and Multi-Tenant

Designed for telecoms and SAAS companies to sell voice broadcasting services to their customers under their own brand. Multi-tenant systems allow many customers to share the same system while being billed for their calls.

Bring your own VoIP

Choose your own VoIP carriers in your own country for the best possible prices. If you are making large numbers of calls, then Newfies-Dialer usually represents better value for money on the basis of reduced call costs.

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