3 New Features on Newfies-Dialer – Power Dialer


We have introduced 3 new features to Newfies-Dialer in response to requests from our customers, Campaign recycling, Caller ID by Area code and Power Dialer Mode.

1. Campaign Recycling

To make full use of your contact list, it is useful to call people back where calls went to voicemail, were busy, or failed for some other reason. This new feature allows you to quickly extract groups of numbers depending on call disposition then set up a campaign to call them again to fully utilise your list.

Recycle Campaign

2. Caller ID by Area Code

People are more likely to answer calls when the caller ID is from their home town or city, so this new feature of delivering a caller ID local to the destination being called will result in higher answer rates and increased performance.

This new feature allows you to set the caller ID based on the area code of the contact. For instance, When calling Washington DC, area code 202, you can send a 202 telephone number, while calls to Beverly Hills in the 310 area code could have a caller ID beginning with either 310 or 424

CallerID Group for area code

3. Power Dialer Mode

We have many customers using the new power dialer features with excellent results. Our customer’s call center agents are more productive with the new power dialling features. Power Dialer Mode allows you to ensure that your agents only talk to live prospects while at the same time making sure that agents are kept at near full capacity.

Power Dialer Settings

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If you have any questions about these features, about Newfies-Dialer in general or want to set up a demo or free trial, then please contact us.