Acceleration and Optimisation Service

The maximum number of calls that Newfies-Dialer can make is dictated mainly by the hardware used, not just processor and memory, but also input / output, as Newfies-Dialer is a database intensive system.

Our Acceleration and Optimisation Service tunes the elements of Newfies-Dialer to get the best possible performance for the given hardware and expected duties.

The Acceleration and Optimisation Service can be applied to both our Managed Installations as well as to your own self-installed system. We spend time discussing your requirements then apply a number of optimisations to Newfies-Dialer and Freeswitch, tune the Postgresql database and the task dispatcher for your hardware. The gains expected will depend on the server specification.

On our test hardware, we were able to tune a single server to make 1 million calls in under 5 hours, see for more details.