Adding a new tenant on Newfies-Dialer

Adding a new tenant on Newfies-Dialer

This video demonstrates adding a new tenant or manager to Newfies-Dialer’s lead generation software.

Newfies-Dialer is multi-tenant, so that multiple customers can work independently of each other all on the same call center dialer and charges can be made for calls and SMS messages.

While logged on as a super user, usually root, navigate to the admin screens, select managers and add a new manager. Set a new username and password. If this new tenant is to be charged for their calls, then set the per minute rate, the billing increment, usually 6 seconds, and the cost per SMS.

Continue by selecting the voice and SMS gateways that the tenant can use and assign dialer settings. Dialer Settings control the maximum speed, duration and retries that the tenant can set on their campaign.

Click save, assign user permissions to the customer and save again.

If charges have been set, then credit will have to applied to the tenant. This is found under the Applications menu, Payments, Direct Payments.

Your customer or tenant can now log in with the username and password you assigned to them and create their own campaigns on Newfies-Dialer lead generation software.