Auto Dialer Newfies-Dialer Documentation of Version 3.9

press-1 campaign

Newfies-Dialer is an Auto Dialer & Voice broadcasting system built to support cloud based servers and can also work on standalone servers. Newfies-dialer can be use for press-1 campaign, lead generation, phone survey, mass calling and support large range of features such as DNC, Text2Speech, Voicemail detection and much more.

Newfies-Dialer is ideal for companies wanting to generate leads as well as telcos wanting to offer voice broadcasting services to their customers helped by the auto dialer being multi-tenant with billing and credit card integration included at no extra cost on our larger systems.

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We have compiled extensive documentation for Newfies-Dialer covering everything from the basic operation all the way through to developer documentation for our range of APIs as our auto dialer can be integrated into other applications and programs.

You can find the documentation of our latest release below or at