Auto-Dialer Simultaneous Call Capacity – 1 Million Calls

The question most often asked of us is “How many concurrent calls can Newfies-Dialer do”, so for this release, we have spent some time doing some testing and benchmarking, investing in a 4 core Intel Xeon server with 32Gb of RAM and a 120Gb SSD drive to see what results we could achieve on relatively modest server hardware.

We set up a test environment and imported a list of 1 million contacts and set a campaign going to see what would happen, and then tweaked the configuration of the operating system, Freeswitch and database for the best possible performance.

The results were impressive. We were able to make 1 million calls in under 5 hours, running at a constant load of 800 concurrent calls.

The challenge now, for the Newfies-Dialer administrator, is to find a carrier who can handle the capacity of Newfies-Dialer to make calls, and a hosting provider to provide sufficient bandwidth.

Should more capacity be required, Newfies-Dialer can be configured in a distributed architecture using separate servers for dispatching call requests, making the calls and analysing the data from the campaign. Contact us for more details.


The Newfies-Dialer Team