Auto Dialing Software

Newfies-Dialer is Auto Dialing Software

Newfies-Dialer is auto dialing software. Auto-Dialing is a process whereby telephone numbers are automatically dialled and on answer, the system will identify whether the call has been taken by a person or a machine. At this point, Newfies-Dialer can be configured to take a number of actions.

If the call is answered by voicemail, auto dialing software can either leave a message after beep, which is in itself is a valuable marketing technique, alternatively it can hang up the call in order to save call costs.

If the call is answered by a real person, Newfies-Dialer can then respond with an IVR, for instance, play a pre-recorded message explaining the proposition and invite the callee to “press 1 to speak to an agent”, or simply transfer the call directly to an agent in a call center without playing any message.

Auto Dialing Software

Newfies-Dialer has a range of features that are useful for voice broadcasting, and particularly for those who want to sell voice broadcasting services to their customers including multi-tenant operation, billing for your customers and credit card integration.

Newfies-Dialer is capable of handling thousands of concurrent calls, and hundreds of thousands or millions of calls daily, although smaller systems are available.

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