Automated Dialer

Automated Dialer

What is an Automated Dialer?

The term Automated Dialer covers a multitude of different products that may be used in differing roles such as telemarketing, market research, political campaigning and polling as well as mass emergency alerting.

An automated dialer dials telephone numbers automatically as the name suggests, but once the call is answered, and automated auto dialer can behave in different ways.

An automated dialer such as Newfies-Dialer can play a pre-recorded message, and present an IVR (Interactive Voice Response), answering questions and making choices by pressing buttons on their phone keypad. These results can be inspected and exported for further analysis.

An automated dialer can also connect a contact to a live agent, either by key-press, or immediately on answer. If the call is bridged to a live agent directly without any message, then the automated dialer is often referred to as a predictive dialer or power dialer.


Automated Dialer

Predictive Dialer vs Power Dialer

These two terms, predictive dialer and power dialer, mean two different things.

Predictive Dialer

A predictive dialer monitors the number of agents available to take calls and adjusts calling rates to make best use of the agents available.

Power Dialer

A power dialer is set to dial a set number of contacts per minute with no regard to the number of agents available to take calls. Although Newfies-Dialer is primarily designed as a voice broadcasting system, playing pre-recorded messages and presenting a reverse IVR, it can act in the role of a power dialer, the rate of calling can be adjusted in realtime by the administrator.

One vital feature of an automated dialer is answering machine detection, so that the system can react in one way to live answers and in another way when an answering machine is detected.

Answering machine detection in Newfies-Dialer is efficient, and works by analysing the audio and making a judgement as to whether the contact is a person or a machine.

If you need an automated dialer, contact us to see if Newfies-Dialer is suitable for your needs.