Earn Commission from Newfies-Dialer Automated phone system

Our Auto Dialer Software, Newfies-Dialer, has been a tremendous success for us and our customers. Our high volume automated phone system is much more cost effective to operate than many competing all-in-one voice broadcasting services.

Newfies-Dialer is an SMS and Voice Broadcasting system for telemarketing calls, political campaigning and polling, or market research. Customers choose their own telecoms carrier to make outbound calls at the lowest possible cost. Newfies-Dialer is one of the most flexible automated phone systems available.

Newfies-Dialer Affiliate Program

We have designed a affiliate program whereby if you place one of our banners and the supplied affiliate links on your website, blogs and tweets, or recommend Newfies-Dialer to your contacts and customers, we will pay substantial commission for an entire year based on the system purchased.

We’ll look after the customer providing servers, installation, training and support on the Newfies-Dialer auto dialer software while you enjoy payments for the customers you’ve introduced.

Interested? Contact us directly at newfies-dialer@star2billing.com

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