We would like to announce our latest release of Newfies-Dialer, version 3.2. Newfies-Dialer is an auto dialer system used for Telemarketing, automated dialing, lead generation and phone surveys. It can be used by any company that is in need of a hosted autodialer platform.

New features & improvements in Newfies-Dialer v3.2:

  • Revamped Dashboard & Campaign Listing
  • CallerID Rotation
  • Speed Improvement: See article on PLLua

Revamped Dashboard & Campaign Listing

We have greatly improved the dashboard and campaign listings to show a progress bar and real-time statistics on retries, answered and unanswered calls. There is also a view button to easily check the campaign parameters.

Automated phone system

CallerID Rotation

Some of our customers asked for the ability to change the caller ID, and select from a list, we have added this feature, so that now, not only a single caller ID be set, but the campaign can rotate the caller ID according to the list entered in the Caller ID number field.

autodialer rotate callerid

Speed Improvement

We are very serious about automated dialing performance, Newfies-Dialer can make millions of calls a day, and we published an article how we further improved the performance of Newfies-Dialer using Lua inside the Database [http://www.newfies-dialer.org/using-lua-in-postgresql-pllua/]

Reach up to 1500 Concurrent Calls on a Single Server!


We are excited to announce new pricing, our Hobby Plan allows you to start with 10 channels on a hosted system for only €80 Euro per month, enjoying exactly the same level of support and features of our larger automated dialing systems. This is designed for people who have lower capacity requirements or want to test out Newfies-Dialer with a view to upgrading to a larger system.

Hobby Plan 10 concurrent calls at 80 Euro Month!

For those who need a hosted autodialer platform we can discuss your requirements and set you up with a live demo. Email us at newfies-dialer@star2billing.com


The Newfies-Dialer Team