Call Center Software

Call Center Software

Newfies-Dialer can play a valuable part of any outbound call-center's armoury of tools for sales, marketing and making contact. Newfies-Dialer has the potential to make tens of thousands of calls per hour.


Newfies-Dialer is a multi-tenant voice broadcast and auto-dialer system which allows you to create a flexible IVR tree to present to your contacts by phone, with the responses recorded and exportable to other applications.

Newfies-Dialer can call potentially tens of thousands of contacts per hour and:

  • Play a simple message then hang-up
  • Survey the contact and record the results for later analysis.
  • Transfer the call to an inbound call-center either when the call is answered, or if the contact opts to be transferred by pressing a key on their keypad.


There are a range of IVR applications or nodes that can be used to create an IVR tree making Newfies-Dialer a very flexible voice broadcasting system for call-centers, these include:

  • Play Message to play either a pre-recorded message, or use the integrated TTS (Text To Speech) engine to play a message.
  • Call Transfer allows a contact to be transferred to another destination, such as a call-center PBX.
  • Capture Digits can capture one or more digit, checking for the validity of the digits entered.
  • Multi-Choice to enter a single number between 0 and 9, with invalid input messages where a digit is pressed that has not been assigned.
  • Rating Question to prompt a contact to enter a number from to any defined number, with a check for validity where the number entered is greater than the number defined.
  • Conference used for outbound call conferences; everyone to participate in the conference is dialed and transferred to the conference.
  • Record Message so that the contact can record a message over the phone that can later be played back via the web page.
  • Do Not Call to comply with regulations in some parts of the world so that a contact can opt out of receiving any further messages from the Newfies-Dialer operator.
  • Hang-up the call.

In each node, where applicable, there are a number of common features:

  • TTS can be used to play the message, with a number of TTS engines supported in different languages and voices.
  • Validity Checking to check that the numbers entered are in the desired range and prompt for re-entry.
  • Survey Complete to mark when a survey has been completed so that abandoned surveys can be retried at a later time.
  • Retries and Timeouts to loop the message until a valid response is detected.

Using the simple survey editor, very complex nested IVR trees can be built several levels deep.


Newfies-Dialer has other benefits and features useful for an outbound call-center these include:

  • User friendly with intuitive web-based user interface resulting in minimal training times.
  • Low Cost solution with no ongoing licensing fees.
  • Set limits on the duration of the call.
  • Retry failed and unanswered calls, and specify the time between retries as well as the number of retries.
  • Retry contacts where the survey was started, but abandoned.
  • Schedule campaigns to start, pause and stop automatically.
  • Numerous API for integration into third party applications.
  • Realtime reporting on campaigns showing the performance and statistics of each campaign.
  • Responsive web pages allowing Newfies-dialer to be easily managed from a range of desktop and mobile devices.
  • High capacity, capable of tens of thousands of calls per hour, available in either single server or multi-server configurations.
  • A range of commercial add-ons including:
  • Voicemail detection, with the ability to drop a different message onto a voice mail.
  • SMS messaging to send text messages to contacts.
  • AMD (Answering Machine Detection) to detect a voicemail, and place a message right after the recording prompt.
  • White Labelling and Re-branding for ITSP's that wish to provide auto-dialing and voice broadcasting services to the call-center market.


Getting started with Newfies-Dialer is straightforward. You will need

  • One or more dedicated or virtual servers on which to install Newfies-Dialer. The more powerful the server, the more calls it can make.
  • A quality broadband connection, capable of handling the intended number of concurrent calls.
  • An ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) capable of handling the large volume of calls that Newfies-Dialer can dispatch.
  • A contact list of people to call.
  • Our Commercial Services to install, configure and train you on Newfies-Dialer.


Contact us by phone or email for more information, to discuss your requirements and arrange an installation.

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