Newfies-Dialer – A Callfire Alternative

call-center dialer

Many voice broadcasting such as Callfire, charge their end customers on the basis of pence per minute, or per transfer, usually at rates far in excess than they are charged by the carrier, and rounded up to the nearest minute, rather than the more usual 6 seconds.

As one of our customers pointed out to us, who was using a voice broadcasting company who charged $5 Dollars a transfer, which could be good value for a lead, by the time 5 other people had been transferred to complain about being called – a fact of life with voice broadcasting – it was costing $30 Dollars for a lead, which is not such good value.

This approach to charging voice broadcasting services can suit companies who want to experiment with voice broadcasting to see what it does for their sales, but once you have decided this is the correct approach, the cost of calling thousands of people will be expensive compared to Newfies-Dialer, a Callfire alternative.

There are voice broadcasting companies in the US and Canada are charging as much as 5c per minute, rounded up to the nearest minute, so a call hung-up in the first few seconds, as is often the case, will cost 5c. Going direct to a US carrier, you can expect 1.1c per minute or less, charged to the nearest 6 seconds, so an identical call, hung-up in the first few seconds, will only cost a small fraction of a cent (0.11c).

Newfies-Dialer is focused on capacity and includes all the features and more that you would expect from any voice broadcasting or auto-dialer product including Answering Machine Detection, Press-1 transfers, Text to Speech, Multilevel IVRs, all with the added advantage that you bring your own carrier, potentially resulting a huge cost saving.

For a Callfire alternative, consider Newfies-Dialer, where you can take control of the largest cost of voice broadcasting, the airtime, and with volume, negotiate even better discounts with your chosen carrier.

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