CallR: A New SMS Provider for Newfies-Dialer

We have added another SMS provider, CallR to our call center platform, Newfies-Dialer.

CallR Logo

CallR is based in New York and provides SMS and VoIP services worldwide.

Newfies-Dialer is an all-in-one mass voice and SMS broadcasting system with systems to send a few hundred calls and texts per day up to massive systems sending millions of calls and text messages in a few hours.

Newfies-Dialer can send SMS messages either as a dedicated SMS campaign or as part of a voice broadcast, e.g. “press 1 to receive a text message with more details”. This message can be sent to a different number to the contact’s main number.

In both cases tag replacement is supported so you can personalise each message and include custom data uploaded with the contact.

Getting Started with SMS Broadcasting

  1. Go to and sign up for an account
  2. Sign up for a Newfies-Dialer system.
  3. Import your contacts into The Dialer from your CSV file.
  4. Write your campaign message and start the campaign.
  5. You can view the progress on the dashboard.

If you need further information about our mass text and voice broadcasting system, Newfies-Dialer, please get in contact us via email at