Automated Voice Messaging (AVM)

AVM (Automated Voice Messaging) is an efficient and low cost method of reaching thousands of people by phone delivering pre-recorded voice messages and working much the same as any phone call, but the scale and speed that calls can be made can range from a few hundred calls a week to millions of calls per […]

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CallR: A New SMS Provider for Newfies-Dialer

We have added another SMS provider, CallR to our call center platform, Newfies-Dialer. CallR is based in New York and provides SMS and VoIP services worldwide. Newfies-Dialer is an all-in-one mass voice and SMS broadcasting system with systems to send a few hundred calls and texts per day up to massive systems sending millions of […]

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Call Center Solution with Agent Portal & Web-Phone

call center agent portal

Newfies-Dialer is a multi-tenant outbound and inbound call center solution with an agent portal that works with your own VoIP telecoms provider and can be white-labeled. Late last year, we introduced our new agent portal with integration to popular web-based CRM systems and ease of use. Since then we have added a wealth of new features. […]

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Vicidial vs Goautodial vs Newfies-Dialer


When considering auto-dialing software, there are three names that always come to the top of the search engine listings, Vicidial, Goautodial, and of course, our own Newfies-Dialer. Vicidial Vicidial [] has been around for well over a decade and is an open source auto-dialer system developed and maintained mostly by volunteers. It’s based on Asterisk […]

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Autodialer with Easy-to-Use Contact Import

bulk dialer

Newfies-Dialer is a multi-tenant power dialer and voice broadcasting system with billing capabilities. Today, we’ve introduced a new easy contact import system which can take any text or CSV file, with any number of fields in it. We have done a short video at   You import contacts with these simple steps: 1. Select the phonebook […]

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Newfies-Dialer Helping to Renew SSL Certificates

Debt Management Collections System

Back in August 2017, Symantec sold its website security and PKI solutions to DigiCert, who specialise in SSL and PKI technologies. Google had problems with the way that Symantec handled certificates, and has from mid-April 2018, decided to stop trusting Symantec issued certificates in their chrome browser, even those that are issued by an intermediate […]

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Inbound IVR Support for Newfies-Dialer

phone survey solution

Newfies-Dialer have introduced inbound IVR support, so contacts can dial in, complete a survey, or be transferred to your call center. Newfies-Dialer is a power dialer and voice broadcasting system with billing capabilities. The inbound IVR support adds a range of possibilities for call centers, customer services, transferring calls to your agents, and special projects […]

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3 New Features on Newfies-Dialer – Power Dialer


We have introduced 3 new features to Newfies-Dialer in response to requests from our customers, Campaign recycling, Caller ID by Area code and Power Dialer Mode. 1. Campaign Recycling To make full use of your contact list, it is useful to call people back where calls went to voicemail, were busy, or failed for some […]

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