Plivo – Send bulk text messages

Send bulk text messages

Newfies-Dialer’s integration with Plivo allows you to send bulk text messages, in other words you can send thousands of SMS text messages directly to your customer’s cell phones in just few clicks. This release of Newfies-Dialer comes with Plivo SMS API integration, so you can now use Plivo to contact your customers through SMS. It […]

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10,000 concurrent calls with Newfies-Dialer Version 4

voice broadcasting

Version 4 of Newfies-Dialer is now in production with a number of our customers. The main enhancement is an increase in capacity, one Newfies-Dialer system can now handle 10,000 concurrent calls, although smaller single server systems are available. To achieve this capacity, we’ve optimised a number of areas for better performance: Restructured database Optimised call distribution […]

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Call Center Dialer with Newfies-Dialer

call-center dialer

One of the advantages of using Newfies-Dialer as your call center dialer is that there is little or no customisation or development work to be done to your existing call center phone system. Newfies-Dialer is installed on it’s own server and can be configured to bridge calls to the call center which it can do […]

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Auto Dialer Newfies-Dialer Documentation of Version 3.9

press-1 campaign

Newfies-Dialer is an Auto Dialer & Voice broadcasting system built to support cloud based servers and can also work on standalone servers. Newfies-dialer can be use for press-1 campaign, lead generation, phone survey, mass calling and support large range of features such as DNC, Text2Speech, Voicemail detection and much more. Newfies-Dialer is ideal for companies wanting […]

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Ringless Voicemail

autodialer voicemail detection

What is Ringless Voicemail Ringless Voicemail is a technique of dropping a voicemail onto a prospect’s phone without making their phone ring. This is known to be a very effective marketing technique with comparatively high response rate. Ringless voicemail is one of the latest marketing techniques in telemarketing, a pre-recorded message is dropped directly on […]

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Dialing with Time Zone Support in Newfies-Dialer

political robocall

Newfies-Dialer 3.9 has been released with some exciting new features, the most important one being time zone Support, but we also have some new real-time transfer reporting and some new SAAS features for companies selling Voice Broadcasting as a service with our auto dialer. 1. Dialing with Time Zone Support Another new feature is time […]

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Newfies-Dialer 3.8 Released

outbound Call Center

We have just released the latest version 3.8 of Newfies-Dialer. This latest version brings a raft of improvements to the dashboard and reporting to display realtime and historical statistics on the user interface. Much of the work for this release was under the hood, building a more robust and expandable call and data recording system […]

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Choosing a Voice Broadcasting System

Voice Broadcasting System

Voice Broadcasting System is a highly effective and low cost method of generating leads allowing your agents to work effectively as they only talk to qualified leads, and speak to far more people than they would by dialing outbound manually. There are a large number of companies offering outbound calling, but only a few pricing structures […]

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