Create Phone Survey application

Create Phone Survey application

This video demonstrates adding a phone survey application which might be used for market research from our call center dialer.

We demonstrate setting up a survey which identifies whether the contact has a mobile phone, and if they have, if it is on contract or prepay, and if on contract, rate their satisfaction.

This is only a simple example of what can be done with Newfies-Dialer’s call center dialer, nested IVRs, press 1 to speak to an agent and many other complex phone surveys can be created using the survey editor.

In the video, we add a play audio node or section as an introduction followed by a Multi-choice section to find out if the contact has a cell phone. If they don’t we can hangup, if they do then we ask with another multi-choice section whether they have a contract or prepay phone.

If it’s a prepay phone, we hang up, if it’s a contract, then we send them to a rating section where they can rate their experience from 1 to 5.

Finally, we thank them for their time and hang up.