Create a Press-1 Campaign with the Survey Editor

Create a Press-1 Campaign with the Survey Editor

How to create create a survey for press 1 transfers.

A press 1 survey is where you call your contact with your proposition and invite them to press 1 if they want to speak to an agent.

When they press 1, the call is transferred to your call centre where the agent can try and make the sale.

Press 1 transfers are used for lead generation in outbound call centers and are highly effective. The video explains in detail how to create the survey to perform press-1 transfers.

Add a new survey, then add a multi-choice node with audio to direct the customer to press 1 for an agent or 9 for DNC.

Create a transfer node with the telephone number of your call center in the telephone number field. Also add a DNC node.

Finally set up the branching so that when one is pressed, the contact is transferred, and when 9 is pressed the contact's number is added to the DNC list.

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