Creating an Outbound Call Center with Newfies-Dialer and 3CX

outbound Call Center

We’ve blogged before about how to use other PBX systems to build an outbound call center, but over recent years, a PBX system called 3CX has gained a very good reputation, formerly only available for Windows, but now can be installed on Debian, a step 3CX have taken to allow 3CX PBX systems to be hosted on virtual private servers.

3CX has all the features and functions you would expect from a PBX coupled with commercial support and a dealer network. There is a free version limited to one trunk and  25 extensions, but anyone considering using 3CX with Newfies-Dialer should purchase a commercial license as more than one gateway is required.

Newfies-Dialer is auto dialer software that is often used for Press-One Dialling, and call transfers. You call your contacts, present them with an IVR that outlines your proposition and invite the contact to press one to talk to an agent. The call will then be bridged to 3CX where one of your agents can handle the call.

The set up is simple to achieve.

  1. In 3CX, create a new SIP trunk and give it a name and make up a Main Trunk No, e.g. 7777
  2. Enter the IP of Newfies-Dialer in the “Registrar/Server/Gateway Hostname or IP” field.
  3. Set the type of Authentication as “Do Not Require – IP Based”
  4. Set the Routing of the calls to you ring group or call queue.
3CX Trunk Configuration
3CX Trunk Configuration

You can add extra (imaginary) DID so that different campaigns can be routed to different extensions, ring groups and call queues.

When 3CX is behind NAT, for instance in an office environment, it will be necessary to forward ports 5060 UDP and 9000-9500 UDP from the specific IP of Newfies-Dialer through to 3CX.

In Newfies-Dialer, configure your press-one campaign,  and in the Call Transfer node, enter “”, where 7777 is the number you chose in the previous steps, and is the FQDN (fully qualified domain name) of your 3CX system.

newfies-dialer Transfer Node

Now when a contact presses 1, the call will be directed through to your 3CX system and be answered by your agents.

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