Debt Management Collections System

Debt Management Collections System


Debt Management and Collections System

Recently, the Newfies-Dialer team  assisted in providing some consultancy to another telecoms company, and changed the way they did business dramatically by providing a debt management and collections system.

The telecoms company was providing telephone services to its 15,000 mainly residential customers billing relatively small amounts of money per customer, but amounting to many thousands overall.

Customers could opt to pay via direct debit or would pay on receipt of invoice, either by credit card over the phone or direct bank transfer.

Direct debits were taken automatically, and mostly without problem, but customers who were paying on receipt of invoice often forgot to pay in a timely manner, so two people were employed on debt management and collections to phone up debtors and ask for payment.

We provided an automated dialer system which would ring up thousands of debtors, politely remind them that they needed to pay, and offered an option to “press one” to be put through to the collections department, where they could give their credit card details over the phone and pay the bill.

The results were:

  • The customers reacted well to being reminded to pay with a polite message.
  • One month’s work of the two debt management staff was completed in two days
  • The extra revenue collected paid for our consultancy more than twice over, in the first month.
  • Debt was collected in a timely manner so it did not get out of hand.
  • The debt management and collections team were able to concentrate on larger historical debt.

Debt is not necessarily related to a customer wanting to avoid payment, more so that failure to pay is an oversight, and if this goes unchecked, then it becomes a problem and more difficult to collect.

Newfies-Dialer can play a major part in debt management and control, particularly in cases where there are large numbers of people each owing relatively small amounts of money. Newfies-Dialer has a number of features that make it good debt collection software, including:

  • Easy upload of debtor’s numbers to call.
  • Cycle caller ID delivered to contacts
  • Tag replacement to customise each message using Text to Speech
  • Transfer-to-Agent to discuss the debt, or take payment.
  • Auto-Redial contacts who hang up immediately or who don’t answer.
  • Answering Machine detection to leave a different message on voicemail
  • API for developers to integrate in-house applications.

Using Newfies-Dialer as part of your debt management and collections system can help you interact with your customers, collect payments, chase debt, reduce staff head-count, or help existing staff work more efficiently.

Call or email us to discuss how Newfies-Dialer might benefit your debt management and collections process.