How it works

How it works

Newfies-Dialer is an open source VoIP Dialer based on distributed message passing. It has been built to support cloud servers and also works on standalone servers.

Django Python is the framework that is used to build Newfies-Dialer, which enables the building of clean, maintainable web applications, and encourages rapid development with clean and pragmatic design.

It uses Freeswitch (VoIP Server) to outbound calls, but support for other VoIP Servers such as Asterisk could be easily added in the future. The platform is focused on real-time operations and task call distributions to clustered brokers and workers.


Newfies-Dialer is a computerised system that automatically dials a group of telephone numbers for connection to assigned campaigns.

  • Restful-API based to easily integrate the platform dialer with third-party applications
  • Web-based administrative/customer interfaces
  • Lower operating costs
  • Calls are made through Internet VoIP. No need for telephony hardware
  • Call reports and Statistics
Newfies-Dialer Architecture
Newfies-Dialer Architecture


  • 1 - User selects contacts, phonebooks and campaigns, and creates a call-flow to play to the contact. The campaign is then launched.
  • 2 - Newfies-Dialer spools the outbound calls to FreeSWITCH via ESL. (Freeswitch's Event Socket Library)
  • 3 - FreeSWITCH dials the contact via the configured telephony gateways.
  • 4 - Contact picks up the call, and the answer event is received in FreeSWITCH and passed back to the LUA IVR application.
  • 5 - Newfies-Dialer is notified that the call is answered, then renders the appropriate IVR.
  • 6  - The voice application is delivered to the contact by FreeSWITCH.