Emerzia: Emergency Alert System

Star2Billing have launched a new product, Emerzia (http://www.emerzia.com), an emergency alert system and SMS delivery system for communities, educational establishments and local government that can send millions of emergency alerts in a few hours.

Emergency Alert System
Emergency Alert System

Reverse emergency broadcasting is used in scenarios such as evacuation notices, missing person alerts, crime prevention, community alerts and weather alerts.

The Emerzia Emergency Alert System is offered in three variants to meet the needs of a small community or school, right up to a large university or metropolitan area.

  • Emerzia Metropolitan: High capacity multi-server emergency alert system for large university campuses and metropolitan areas.
  • Emerzia Standard: Single server system emergency alert system for towns, rural counties, large colleges and schools.
  • Emerzia Lite: Competitively priced single server entry level alert system designed for communities, church groups and schools.

Emerzia Standard Edition includes:

  • Flexible IVR to create a range of interactive voice broadcasts.
  • Reporting Interfaces giving a range of statistics and downloadable reports.
  • Sign-up page to allow contacts to register for emergency alert messages.
  • Answering machine detection to deliver a different message if the call is answered by voicemail.
  • SMS capability to send text messages to cell-phones.
  • Full training for staff on the Emerzia system.
  • Unlimited support included.

View our website at www.emerzia.com and contact our sales team by email to hello@emerzia.com to discuss your requirements.