Extra documentation about Autodialer Solutions

Extra documentation about Autodialer Solutions

Change Log: – List of Newfies-Dialer releases with information about additional features.

Check out our pages on the different features of Newfies-Dialer below by clicking on the links.

  • Auto dialer software: Designed to process multiple calls simultaneously to contacts playing recorded or text to speech messages, detect answering machines (AMD), capture responses with DTMF touch-tones entered by the customer, record calls, transfer to a live agent as well as support Do Not Call lists.
  • Call Center Software: Newfies-Dialer can play a valuable part of any outbound call-center’s armoury of tools for sales, marketing and making contact. Newfies-Dialer has the potential to make tens of thousands of calls per hour.
  • Live Lead Generation: use “Press One” campaigns are widely viewed as very effective marketing and sales tool, mainly because of the ability to reach more people in less time.
  • Auto Dialer in Call Centres: Newfies-Dialer can be used in many roles, and we have explained some of the ways in which Newfies-Dialer might be deployed.
  • Voice Broadcasting Software: Designed for making outbound calls to your contacts, most often used for marketing and political polling, but is also used for emergency notifications. Voice broadcasting is seen as a very successful and low cost marketing technique.
  • Phone Surveys: Use phone poll to discover what customers want, a marketing campaign to tell customers about a new product, and customer satisfaction survey to make sure that the new product is meeting customer’s needs and whether any improvements need to be made.
  • Auto Dialing: a process whereby telephone numbers are automatically dialled and on answer, the system will identify whether the call has been taken by a person or a machine. At this point, Newfies-Dialer can be configured to take different actions.
  • Resell Newfies-Dialer: For businesses wanting to sell outbound IVR software and services, Newfies-Dialer has a number of features designed to make it suitable to sell voice broadcasting as a service to your customers or to provide complete systems.
  • Press 1 Campaigns: Use press 1 campaigns to call your contact, play your proposition via a pre-recorded message and invite the contact to press one to talk to an agent.
  • Summary: A short summary of Newfies-Dialer’s features and benefits, sign up for a live demo, or contact us for more information.

Legal Footnote

Note that in some countries, telemarketing, phone polling, and automated dialling is under regulatory control, and advice should be sought as to how best to remain within the limits of the law. First points of reference may be Ofcom in the UK and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in the USA.