Inbound Calling

Inbound Calling

This video explains how to do inbound calling with Newfies-Dialer. Your system needs to be set up with your DID or telephone number configured to be pointing at the Newfies-Dialer system.

Inbound calling can be used for a variety of tasks:-

  • Voting lines - people can call in and register a vote.
  • Market Research, use an inbound IVR to get responses to your questions.
  • Skills based routing, direct customers to your agents via inbound IVR.

In many jurisdictions, it is a requirement that when a contact calls back on the caller ID you delivered to them, the inbound IVR should state the company name and reason for calling. You can use inbound calling for that task, as well as combine the tasks listed above for dealing with the contact’s enquiry.

Creating an Inbound Campaign

The steps to create an inbound campaign are as follows:-

  • Ensure your system is configured to allow inbound calls with the Newfies-Dialer support team.
  • In the admin pages, add your telephone number people will call to access your inbound IVR
  • Access your tenant's pages and create a new survey. Click here to see an example of how to create a survey.
  • Add a new inbound campaign, select the survey you want to use, and configure the other settings.
  • Point the telephone number to the inbound campaign.
  • Activate the campaign.

There is cumulative and real-time reporting in terms of number of calls, and the results of the surveys and records of inbound calls can be downloaded.

Inbound calling adds one more feature to an already flexible auto-dialling system which can already do press-1 calling, direct transfers and SMS campaigns.

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