Inbound & Outbound Call center Solution

Inbound & Outbound Call center Solution

Newfies-Dialer is a system designed to provide call center features for mass calling in a number of modes, including press-1 campaigns, predictive dialing with direct transfer, robo-calling and special industry specific IVR for debt control, appointment reminders, market research and much more. Newfies-Dialer is both an inbound & outbound call center solution as it can make and receive calls. There is also a call center suite included to configure agents and queues.

Call Center Suite

The call center suite is a set of features and functions to manage agents, report on their productivity and to provide an interface for the agent to assist them with the calls.

The call center suite consists of:

- Agents and agent configuration including SIP configuration wrap-up times and other parameters.

- Queues including call distribution strategy and wait times

- The call center campaign, a quick and easy way of building predictive dialing campaigns

- Real-time agent activity and post campaign reporting

- Configuration of the agent script and transfer numbers

- The agent user interface

Agent Interface

The agent interface displays all the information available about the call coming to the agent including any data uploaded with the contact.

AgentUI - Outbound Call-center

It also has the following features:

- The web interface of your CRM is displayed in a frame and can be configured to show the record of the caller.

- A script, which can be customized with data from the contact, is displayed on the screen to remind the agent what to say to the contact.

- The notes and history of previous calls.

- Tools for setting the disposition of the contact. Dispositions are fully customizable.

- Make notes on the contact

- Transfer the call to preset numbers

- Hang-up the call

- Log into and out of the queue, with a visual indicator to confirm the agent’s phone is correctly registered.

The call center suite monitors the number of agents available to take calls and moderates the number of calls sent out to ensure that the agent is fully utilized without leaving contacts queuing to speak to an agent. The number of calls to make per available agent can be controlled manually.

Outbound Call Center

Calls can be made outbound using one of two campaign types, a standard campaign and a call center campaign.

Call Center Campaign

A call center campaign is used for predictive dialing, also known as direct transfer, where a call is made to the contact, and on answer by a human the call is directed to a waiting agent. Machine answered calls may either be disconnected or a message dropped right after the beep.

The call center campaign is quick and simple to configure and has other features such as call recording and scheduling.  A list of numbers to call is uploaded and selected in the call center campaign, and the list is called according to the number of agents available.

Standard Campaign

A standard campaign uses a preconfigured IVR called a survey which is set up in advance. The typical use for this is press-1 campaigns, where a recorded message is played explaining the proposition followed by a request to press 1 to speak to an agent.

The IVR can be built from various section types or building blocks. Section types include multi-choice sections, rating, recording call transfer and many more section types which go together to form as simple or complex IVR as required.

Again, a contact list is uploaded and selected in the campaign. The calls are made according to the dialing strategy, the speed set and limited by the number of concurrent calls allowed for the campaign and agents available to take calls. Calls answered by machine can be discarded or a message left after the tone.

Inbound Call Center

In addition to robo-calling, predictive dialing, press-1 dialing and mass SMS messaging, Newfies-Dialer also has inbound call center features to receive calls.

Telephone numbers can be configured on Newfies-Dialer and directed to an inbound campaign. Once in the campaign, the call can be dealt with in a number of ways:

- Send the call directly to a call center queue where it is answered by agents.

- Bridge the call to an external destination such as your company’s internal telephone system.

- Simply play some audio via text to speech or pre-recorded audio

- Run a survey that can be as flexible or complicated as needed.

The flexibility of the survey system allows you to use the system in a variety of roles which may include:-

- Skills based routing, sending the call to agents who can best deal with the call.

- Market Research running an IVR questionnaire and recording the results.

- Voting lines such as those used for competitions, recording how many times people call a particular number and confirming their vote.

The inbound Call-Center enjoys a number of other features, including out of hours scheduling and call recording.

Call-Center Features

During running campaigns there are live metrics to show the performance of the system, how many agents are on the phone and how many calls are being made outbound.

There are a substantial number of reports which can be displayed on screen or downloaded for further analysis.

Many features are included such as DNC lists, voice recognition, text to speech and callerID cycling including delivering geographic callerIDs depending on where in the country the call is made.