Dialing with Time Zone Support in Newfies-Dialer

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Newfies-Dialer 3.9 has been released with some exciting new features, the most important one being time zone Support, but we also have some new real-time transfer reporting and some new SAAS features for companies selling Voice Broadcasting as a service with our auto dialer.

1. Dialing with Time Zone Support

Another new feature is time zone support for the USA, other countries are being added.

Auto Dialer- US Time Zone Map

Time zone support allows a customer to upload their numbers, set what time the campaign is to be started and ended, and Newfies-Dialer will identify which time zone the contact is in from the dial code, and ensure that contacts are only auto dialed during the period the customer sets according to the contact’s local time.

2. Real-time Call Transfer Reporting

We have added new reports both for customers and admin, showing in real-time, the number of calls in progress to contacts and calls transferred to agents, with historical statistics by campaign.

Channels Dashboard v3.9

3. New APIs

New SAAS focused APIs include:

  • Add new customer on Newfies-Dialer
  • Display balance and rates.
  • View and add balance to a customer’s account

These API allow companies to integrate their existing payment and customer systems into our auto dialer. Newfies-Dialer does still natively support these functions via the interface and has support for credit card integration for those that don’t have existing customer facing infrastructure.

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