Newfies-Dialer 3.8 Released

outbound Call Center

We have just released the latest version 3.8 of Newfies-Dialer.

This latest version brings a raft of improvements to the dashboard and reporting to display realtime and historical statistics on the user interface.

Much of the work for this release was under the hood, building a more robust and expandable call and data recording system which in turn allows us to display key performance metrics on dashboard and campaign screens.

Improvements to Newfies-Dialer include:

  • Enhanced Dashboard more detail on campaigns and concurrent calls.
  • Dashboard showing more detail on call dispositions.
  • B-leg statistics for press one call transfers
  • Live display of calls in progress against each campaign as well as campaign progress.
  • Simple import to import only a list of numbers.
  • Improved CDR and export to include more detailed metrics and call cost

Newfies-Dialer Dashboard

If you need voice broadcasting or press one lead transfer generation, then contact us to discuss your requirements and to allow us to provide you with a live demo to illustrate the extensive capabilities of Newfies-Dialer.


The Newfies-Dialer Team