Newfies-Dialer: SMS & Voice broadcasting Software – Changelog

Newfies-Dialer: SMS & Voice broadcasting Software - Changelog

This a changelog of Newfies-Dialer over the last few years, this document tracks the major changes made to our auto dialer software. This changelog is limited to the major changes and does not include the thousands of minor changes and bug fixes applied to Newfies-Dialer.


Version 7.7.0 release date: March 08, 2021

New features / important changes:

  • Field Customization on Agent Portal: a new setting to customize the display and order of the fields in the AgentPortal.
    Custom display fields
  • CDR Report: New agent filter on the CDR report, allowing you to identify what calls were answered by which agents and listen to the agent recording.
    CDR Search agent filter
  • Push to CRM: New customizable `Push to CRM` button on the Agent Portal has been added. This enables agents to push the contact information at the press of a button to a third party API.
  • Admin DID Management: New admin DID import/export
  • Hide contact information to agents: a new feature to hide phone numbers from the agents receiving the calls or using the Agent Portal. This is useful when agents are dealing with highly sensitive client data, for instance with financial services.
    AgentPortal hide phonenumber
  • Bulk start/stop Campaign: Select multiple campaigns and start them at the same time. There is new search filter on top of the the campaign list, useful if you have a high number of campaigns per account.
  • Multichoice IVR with many audio: We now support alternative audio files on multi-choice, used for calling a list of contacts with different message.
  • ... there is many more smaller additions

Version 7.6.0 release date: January 07, 2021

New features / important changes:

  • Soundboard: Soundboard added to the Agent Portal, allowing agents to play pre-recorded audio files with a click.
    callcenter soundboard
  • Agent Report: New Agent report on the Agent Portal.
    callcenter agentui reporting
  • Wrap-up: Add wrap-up live counter for agents.

Version 7.5.0 release date: December 03, 2020

New features / important changes:

  • Callback Later: New feature to allow agent to manage their own callback later, callbacks can be scheduled with a click and revisited.
  • Manual Dialout: New feature to allow agents to dial manually from the agentUI. This feature can be enabled / disabled by Dialer Admin.


Version 7.4.0 release date: November 05, 2020

New features / important changes:

  • Webphone: New webphone with dialpad, hold/unhold, mute/unmute capabilities.
    agentui webphone


Version 7.3.0 release date: October 07, 2020

New features / important changes:

  • Call-Center Queue: Ability to configure the call center queue with your own MOH audio files.
    callcenter queue config moh
  • Call-Center: Silence Standby-mode for agents.


Version 7.2.0 release date: September 02, 2020

New features / important changes:

  • WebHook: Add webhook report summary.
  • Agent Connecting: Ability for agent to connect/register by calling a DID.


Version 7.1.0 release date: August 06, 2020

New features / important changes:

  • CDR Report: New search filter to search by phone number, CallerId or CallID .



Version 7.0.0 release date: July 10, 2020

New features / important changes:

  • Inbound: support DNC on inbound + add phonebook lookup for inbound calls.
  • API: new API to download all CDRs `download_all_daily_cdr`.
  • SMS: add support for CallR SMS []


Version 6.5.0 release date: June 05, 2020

New features / important changes:

  • Call-Center: Ability for agents to auto-answer calls on Agent Portal
  • Call-Center: Agent timeout configurable on call-center
  • Call-Center: Add new queues strategies `ring-progressively` & `top-down`
  • Webhook: CDR webhook includes survey result + bleg recordings url [ref:]


Version 6.4 release date: March 01, 2020

New features / important changes:

  • Daily Call Limit: configurable daily call limit per user
  • Call-center: capture registered/unregistered events
  • IVR: automatically add a default demo IVR/survey when creating a new tenant
  • Admin: add gateway filter on admin user report
  • Hosting: support Debian10

Version 6.3 release date: February 06, 2020

New features / important changes:

API: New unsubscribe API & unsubscribe status for subscriber, this allows a 3rd party API to disable a contact from being called in a campaign.
Reporting: aleg bucket size is now configurable per user
Reporting: new automatic mail report `Admin Usage Report`
Webhook: Customers can view and filter their webhooks logs on the UI

Webhook: New scalable webhook implementation, Webhook support IVR API Events & CDRs
IVR: New IVR node ASYNC API, this IVR node allow the phone system to not block waiting for the API results.

Callcenter: New Standby mode, agents can call an extension 1002 or call via the web-phone to be set on Standby, calls coming to the queue will be immediately passed to the agents, not ringing time is needed.

Version 6.2 release date: December 05, 2019

New features / important changes:

Recycling: new campaign recycling option using lead disposition

Reporting: new disposition reporting

Callcenter: Support automatic agent call recording
Callcenter: Cold & 3Way Transfer, plus add configurable transfer numbers on the the callcenter config
call center agent portal

Version 6.1 release date: October 27, 2019

New features / important changes:

Callcenter: Add queue stats report

Callcenter: Add agent reporting

Call Center Agent Stats
Call Center Agent Stats

Campaign: Voicemail detection: add 2nd audio & TTS for drop message on voicemail

Screenshot voicemail detection second-drop-message

Version 6.0 release date: Sept 12, 2019

New features / important changes:

  • New AgentUI:
    The agentUI is a new interface for call-center agents to login and see realtime contact information for the person they are talking to.
    Agents can add a note, or can assign the contact to the DNC list.
    AgentUI Callcenter
    The admin can configure a script for an agent with custom information in it.
    Additionally there are tabs to see the contact’s history as well as connect to and display a third party CRM on screen.
  • Completed call target: Now you can set a target number of completed calls to reach before stopping the campaign automatically. This can be useful if you want the campaign to stop automatically after reaching a certain target of completed calls.
    calling campaign completed calls target
  • Download all audio: Quick button to download all the recordings for a given campaign.
  • Natural TTS quality: Add support for neural text2speech from Azure which provides more naturally speaking TTS result - considerably improves the quality of the audio and the voice almost seems like a real person.

Version 5.11 release date: May 16, 2019

New features / important changes:

  • ASR / Voice Recognition: Survey and IVR can do ASR (Automatic Voice Recognition) using Google Speech []
    New ASR node in the IVR/Survey editor to recognize speech, and branch to another section based on the result.
    Dialer ASR speech recognition
  • DNC export: Added date filter to export selected DNC.
  • Full CDR daily export via API: New high performance API has been created to download all CDRs from the platform.
  • Q850 Report per host or gateway: Helpful pinpoint issue with a specific cluster node or gateway.
  • CDR search: search by hour & minute.
  • CDR fields: New Json field to store CDR extra data - eg. sip_to_host & sip_local_network_addr to build gateway error report.
  • Stop/Start Campaigns: global button to start and pause all running campaigns.

Version 5.10 release date: April 15, 2019

New features / important changes:

  • Campaign status: new campaign status NEW, this status is used at creation.
  • Localize CallerID improved: callerID group support multiple area code entries to set more than one CallerID per areacode and will rotate them.
  • CPX Reporting Metric: CPX (Cost Per Transfer), calculated by the cost of the campaign divided by the total transfers. This metric measures the success of your campaign and is rarely seen on other systems.
  • Bulk contact API improved: Add up to 1000 contacts at the same time, there is also a new parameter to allow or remove duplicate numbers.
  • Dashboard: new chart for Q850 reporting on the admin dashboard.
  • New Daily Summary: This reporting to select a day and compare all the campaign statistics for that day.
  • SMS CallerID: SMS callerID supports the same rotation & random mechanism used on voice campaign.
  • Hourly call report: A useful global and per campaign report by hour is very useful to compare how campaigns perform hour by hour. This new report makes it easy to compare ASR, ALOC, XFER by hour, either globally or for a specific campaign.
  • Quick report: A way to see a clear campaign summary report with just one click
    from the campaign screen.

Version 5.9 release date: February 13, 2019

New features / important changes:


  • SIP headers: Add extra SIP headers on Call (A-Leg) and Xfer (B-Leg), more information about the SIP headers at
  • Modify IVR: Modify live Survey/IVR properties such as transfer number, audio file & TTS on running/started campaigns.
  • Progress bar: Campaign progress bar now automatically updates without reloading the page.
  • Quick Speed update: New buttons to increment & decrement the campaign frequency.
  • Web UI Speed: The campaign listing is now much faster to load.
  • Backend Billing: Improvements in billing efficiency
  • Private calling: New feature to set the callerID to be private on outbound calls
  • CDR details: Add XML detailed info in CDR report
  • Admin Dashboard: Add date selector on the admin voice dashboard
  • Stats: Add A-Leg/B-Leg duration stats on dashboard

Version 5.8 release date: January 17, 2019

New features / important changes:


  • Bleg Billing: Set a specific billing rate for each transfer
  • Billing: Support minimum billing charge, this is the minimum amount charged for a call
  • Remove Duplicate: Contact import allows you to remove duplicate contacts
  • Contact import report: an import report giving information such as total DNC, blacklisted, invalid or duplicated
  • Blacklist: users can now manage their own blacklist/whitelist for contacts.
  • Dashboard Xfer: add Xfer duration stats on campaign dashboard
  • Webhook: Webhook push to be configured per user
  • DNC: support National US DNC List


Version 5.7 release date: November 15, 2018

New features / important changes:


  • Xfer Round Robin: Support Round Robin on Gateway, you can now setup several gateways and load balance your call traffic equally across all gateways
  • ToC: Configurable `Terms & Conditions` on the Login page
  • Fast Contact Import: Contact import is considerably faster


Version 5.6 release date: October 15, 2018

New features / important changes:


  • Call-center module: This is one of our most requested features and we are very excited to release it. The call-center tools allow you to create your own agents and queues.
    In few clicks you can create new agents, and register a SIP phone to the system to receive calls:callcenter dialerai agent
    You can also create queues. Queues can then be used in four areas:
    - A new Call Center Queue section is available in a survey.
    - As a destination for transferred calls in a campaign – the speed of the campaign is regulated according to the number of agents available.
    - As a destination for Inbound calls – Newfies-Dialer supports inbound calling, callers can be queued up while agents clear the calls.
    - In a brand new Call Center Campaign to quickly create an outbound campaign, again regulating the outbound calls according to agents available.Callcenter dialerai queue configuration
    Read more about our outbound call-center features at []
  • New feature to quickly hijack tenants/users from the Customer panel for support.
  • Webhook facility to push CDR to an API endpoint, documentation available at

Version 5.5 release date: August 21, 2018

New features / important changes:

  • Integration to send SMS with Nexmo (
  • add new TTS supported languages Indonesian, Arabic, Hindi & Russian
  • Many bugs fixed!


Version 5.4 release date: July 10, 2018

New features / important changes:


  • New settings to define global or per user start/stop time for the campaign. These are useful features make sure your tenants/customers do not run campaigns too early or too late.
  • New import for CallerIDs, we already support regional callerIDs which allow you to set a CallerID for each area code To make things easier we introduced an import for CallerIDs and area codes.

  • Campaign Dashboard has been revamped. From customer feedback, we found that some changes could make a big difference in day to day operations. Now the dashboard lets you visualize, per campaign, the ASR, NER, ALOC over time and other metrics which makes it easy to see  how your campaigns are performing or to detect any issues occurring on one of your campaigns. At a glance you can see if there are many failed transfers,  which is a good indicator if you have your agents are busy or there is no-one at the end of the transfer line.

Version 5.3 release date: June 12, 2018

New features / important changes:

  • Dashboards now display live B-Leg usage:
  • Campaign recycling will now immediately create a phonebook for you, removing the need to download the recycle files and upload them again.

  • Retries completion system has been simplified
  • New self-help features to restart backend services from the UI in case of incident. Newfies-Dialer is very stable but in rare circumstances some process may have a problem. If this happens you have now the facility to take immediate action.

Version 5.2 release date: May 02, 2018

New features / important changes:

  • New Contact import system, see blog post
  • Enhance the look of the campaign overview with tick box for campaign ready-to-run:
  • New Debt collections features: no limit on alternative contact, support completion & timezone dialing, click here to view a video and more explanation.
  • Survey, UI improvement to avoid creating branching which loops on transfer section.
  • Simplify retry logic, streamlining of the retries settings merged with retries completion settings.
  • API: Improvements (add filter phonebook_id on contact API ; Add new filter on CDR API)

Version 5.1 release date: March 06, 2018

New features / important changes:

  • New campaign feature to enable full call session recording, useful to investigate call quality issues:
  • API: Many fixes and improvements.
  • New speed feature for call distribution: alternative speed & `call max duration`, which allow the speed to adapt to the hour of the day and the `call max duration` can also get a random range number. This can be used for testing system and route.

Version 5.0 release date: January 17, 2018

New features / important changes:

  • Inbound call support: The inbound support adds a range of possibilities for call centers, customer services, transferring calls to your agents. You can now configure DID (inbound phonenumber) on Newfies-Dialer and redirect those calls to agents, to start an IVR application or play audio or text-to-speech message.
  • Multi-language for Text-to-Speech: We can now define the TTS language for the survey, this works especially well when using Microsoft Speech System. You can now have a campaign in one language, for instance French, and another campaign in Spanish, the text-to-speech vendor will synthesize the audio with the selected language.

Version 4.9 release date: November 22, 2017

New features / important changes:

  • Campaign Recycling: You can now recycle a campaign after it has been run by exporting all the contact that have a certain call disposition, eg recycle all the busy calls from this campaign. This list of numbers can be imported as a phonebook, and the campaign built around the new phonebook:
  • CallerID per area code or per state: With the new CallerID Group you can define which callerID to send depending on dialling code or area code. This feature has been requested many times, we are really happy to finally introduce it.
  • CDR mail report: The admin can now receive a brief report of activity from tenants
  • TimePicker support: You can update the daily start/stop time using a nice Time Picker on Voice & SMS campaigns
  • API Subscriber: We restructure our campaign's subscriber, this allows us to offer more simple API to create new subscribers on a running campaign without having to pass through the phonebook.
  • Admin speed improvement: We make the admin UI faster even with millions of records

Version 4.8 release date: October 26, 2017

New features / important changes:

  • Power Dialer Mode: Now we support a more advanced system for dialing. Power dialer mode ensures that you maximize your agent's productivity. Power Dialer Mode allows you to configure how many calls are sent for each available agent. A dial rate is configurable per agent/campaign, for instance you can configure the ratio to be 3 and the dialer will send out 3 calls for each available agent.
    For an outbound call center, this feature is useful. For instance if you have 100 agents, you could start a campaign with Voicemail Detection and set a dial ratio of `3`, this will mean that for each available agent, 3 calls will be sent every second. If the calls do not connect or goes to Voicemail more calls are originated. Once all the B-leg (agents) are busy, the campaign will pause dialling and resume as soon as more B-legs (agents) are free.


  • Campaign limit per user: A channel limit can be set per user. For instance if there are 3 customers (sub-users), you can limit channels for each of them: 50 channels for the user-A, 200 for channels for user-B and 500 channels for user-C. This ensures that some users don't over load the platform, and give some priority to others.


  • CDRs API: An API is now provided to access & read the CDRs, this API can also be used by the sub-users to consult their own CDRs [] This API can be very useful for 3rd party integration when you want to display the last calls made or take action on some call results.
  • TTS on Voicemail Drop: When dropping message to a voicemail we now support TTS along with pre-recorded audio, therefore you can drop a pre-recorded voicemail message followed by a personalised message, eg: Hi mister Joe, we were contacting you to let you know that you appointment is at 'time and date played via TTS from contact data'


  • Quick export of survey result: Another great feature is the possibility to quickly export contacts that answered and reached a certain point in the Survey/IVR. For instance you want to know all the contacts that pressed 1 for a transfer or press 2 to be called back, you can now download this data with just one click.


  • New Transfer hourly report: Useful to see how the number of transfers varies during the day.


  • Per campaign aleg & bleg channel limit: On each campaign you can set a limit for the number of A-legs and B-legs. This is useful if you don’t want a campaign to consume more than X channels or if you know you only have 5 agents available on the transfer side and don't want to send too many calls.

Version 4.6 release date: August 2, 2017

New features / important changes:

  • Added support for 2 new SMS Gateways, Mr Messaging ( and Line1 ( It's now possible to use these providers to run mass SMS campaigns with Newfies-Dialer.
  • CDRs are now created for the rejected contacts that are on DNC List or are blacklisted, this makes it easy to check on the CDR reports how many phone numbers weren't dialed and for which reason. 
  • The Campaign Progress Bar now honours the DNC and unauthorized phone numbers, so it will reach 100% if some numbers cannot be dialled.
  • Major database changes, we converted all pllua triggers/functions to plpgsql (, and did some major DB refactoring, resulting in a dramatic performance boost.
  • Other improvements: escape quote and double quote on campaign name; layout improvement on the contacts and DNC import page, admin load performance review; Phonebook deletion is dramatically improved.

Version 4.5 release date: July 18, 2017

New features / important changes:

  • Hourly reporting - we added a report showing the ASR hour by hour. This is useful data as it shows when the most people answer their calls, and it also shows if there is there is a sudden drop off of answered calls, which may suggest that there is an upstream problem.
Newfies-Dialer Hourly Reporting
  • Q850 reporting- this report shows calls grouped by hang-up cause and can be filtered by campaign.
Call Report-q850 Details
  • Database trigger improvement and database / application tuning

Version 4.4 release date: July 04, 2017

New features / important changes:

  • Auto backup system, database and audio files can automatically be encrypted and backed up to Amazon S3.  In case of a major incident, we can retrieve the backup and re-establish a working system with little downtime.
  • Speed improvement on the dashboard and call spooler
  • Speed improvement on Subscriber Reporting
  • Contact import optimization, and remove redundant fields from contact model
  • Display phonebook list on Campaign overview

Version 4.3 release date: June 25, 2017

New features / important changes:

  • We are now using StreamingHttpResponse on DNC export, this should avoid timeouts when exporting a large DNC list.
  • Channels Dashboard now has a higher precision to see better fluctuations, we also display the campaign info via popover on the same screen.
  • Auto-update for security upgrades
  • Admin survey branching only displays for active campaigns and also display the associated campaign & user
  • Fix pagination on notification
  • ExDialer - this is one of our major changes, we are now using a new call dispatching system built with Elixir, it is still in early stage with more details to follow
  • Auto rolling local Sqlite CDRs database
  • Integration to send SMS with Twilio (more info at

Version 4.2 release date: May 24, 2017

New features / important changes:

Version 4.1 release date: April 12, 2017

New features / important changes:

  • Support Microsoft Bing Text2Speech service (
  • API for DNC (Do not Call list)
  • Support multi-server real-time channels Info (Aleg & Bleg)
  • New guide help page
  • Campaign help page displayed when user hasn't created a Phonebook or Campaign
    newfies-dialer voice broadcasting campaign help
  • Display payment history, users can see their list of payments
  • Replace Flash Audio player by HTML5 Audio
    newfies-Dialer audio-upload player
  • Campaigns must have a valid IVR application before starting them (at least one node section with audio or TTS)


Version 4.0 release date: February 14, 2017

New features:

  • Add a campaign archiving mechanism and an auto cleaning system, this allows the system to not grow overly large or slow down after long and intensive use. We perform an automatic vacuum, and the backend system takes care of cleaning the old archived campaigns, optimising and regaining disk space.
  • Mailgun ( Integration - send reliable email from specific domain name.
  • Full use of New CDR aggregation system providing fast reporting over millions of CDRs and results.
    Newfies-Dialer Dashboard
  • Many database optimizations
  • Port to Django 1.10
  • Celery tasks improvement
  • Integrate with Bing Speech TTS ->


Version 3.9 release date: December 14, 2016

Blog post on release at

New features:

  • Time zone support for the USA, other countries being added.

Time zone supportTime zone support allows a customer to upload their numbers, set what time the campaign is to be started and ended, and Newfies-Dialer will identify which time zone the contact is in from the dial code, and ensure that contacts are only auto dialed during the period the customer sets according to the contact’s local time.

  • Real-time Call Transfer Reporting
    Channels Dashboard

We have added new reports both for customers and admin, showing in real-time, the number of calls in progress to contacts and calls transferred to agents, with historical statistics by campaign.

  • New SAAS focused APIs :
    • Add new customer on Newfies-Dialer
    • Display balance and rates.
    • View and add balance to a customer’s account
  • New CDR import system - more robust, avoids discrepancies and sanitises CDR.
  • Add live monitoring of outbound calls and bleg xfer.

Voice Broadcasting Live Monitoring


Version 3.8 release date: November 20, 2016

Blog post on release at

New features:

  • Enhanced Dashboard more detail on campaigns and concurrent calls.
  • Dashboard showing more detail on call dispositions.
  • B-leg statistics for press one call transfers
  • Live display of calls in progress against each campaign as well as campaign progress.
  • Simple import to import only a list of numbers.
  • Improved CDR and export to include more detailed metrics and call cost


Version 3.7 release date: July 6, 2016

New features:

  • DNC Global import & export in Admin
  • Add Global DNC
  • Integrate InfluxDB for fast reporting
  • Better CDR export using StreamingHttpResponse: more robust to download large CDR files

Global DNC


Version 3.6 release date: June 7, 2016

New features:

Read the blog post announcement at

  • Random caller ID support
  • Admin: search DNC contact + improve DNC admin
  • Performance: this release mainly focuses on performance, we have deployed systems capable of more than 2000 concurrent calls on a single server.


Version 3.5 release date: May 10, 2016

New features:

  • New Campaign Overview feature.Campaign Overview
  • New simple mode for contact import, this allow to import only phone numbers making contact import easier and robust.

Simple Contact Import

  • New recording reporting.

Recording Report

  • New campaign reporting.

Voice Campaign Report

  • Performance improvements on survey results storage system


Version 3.4 release date: April 29, 2016

New features:

One of the most requested featured for Newfies-Dialer is easy-to-use rating and billing with credit card processing so that companies can use the multi-tenant capabilities of Newfies-Dialer to bill their own clients robocalls on a pre-paid basis, and stop calls when your customer’s credit runs out. Please refer to our documentation on Billing module to see the extent of billing features offered by our autodialer at

Call Billing Report

Also, better survey export using StreamingHttpResponse, this allows exporting large results without failure.


Version 3.2 release date: March 18, 2016

Blog post at

  • Revamped Dashboard & Campaign Listing: We have greatly improved the dashboard and campaign listings to show a progress bar and real-time statistics on retries, answered and unanswered calls. There is also a view button to easily check the campaign parameters.

    Automated phone system

    automated phone system

  • CallerID Rotation

Some of our customers asked for the ability to change the caller ID, and select from a list, we have added this feature, so that now, not only can a single caller ID be set, but the campaign can rotate the caller ID according to the list entered in the Caller ID number field.
autodialer rotate callerid

  • Speed Improvement

Automated dialing performance is one of the most important features for us, Newfies-Dialer can make millions of calls a day, and we published an article how we further improved the performance of Newfies-Dialer using Lua inside the Database, Read more.

  • Reach up to 1500 Concurrent Calls on a Single Server!


Version 3.1 release date: Jan 22, 2016

Live Monitoring FreeSWITCH & Newfies-Dialer using Grafana, there is a full article explaining this at

Grafana Monitoring

Version 3.0 release date: Dec 20, 2015

New features:

Revamp of our UI notification system
Voice Broadcasting Notifications

  • Support of FreeSWITCH 1.6 & PostgreSQL 9.4
  • There are many more changes in the core code leading to higher capacity and reliability.
  • New IVR node – API HTTP
This node provides the ability to perform HTTP API Requests and branch to another node based on the result. HTTP API can be used in many scenarios, such as validating that a call is authorized, or asking to your customer’s PBX how many agents are available.

API CallVoicemail detection (AMD)

  • Improvements to the Voicemail detection accuracy (AMD)
  • AMD (answering machine Detection) has three modes:
    • Detect answering machine, and drop a message in after the beep
    • Detect answering machine and hang up
    • Detect person and hang up.

Using AMD, especially for press 1 campaigns can greatly reduce the duration and cost of calls. If voicemail is detected, Newfies-Dialer can listen for the beep, and drop the message in, so that the contact hears the whole message.
Voicemail detection