Newfies-Dialer v1.2 released

autodialer solution

We are pleased to announce the latest release of Newfies-Dialer, version 1.2, our free and open source voice broadcasting and auto-dialer software.

In this release:

  • Major bugs have been fixed,
  • We’ve improved core functionality,
  • Rebuilt the user interface to be responsive to the size and type of browsing device,
  • Improved audio management,
  • Added some new APIs and improved existing ones,
  • Improved the market research and survey module,
  • Improved the automated install script.

But, the major change in this release is that Newfies-Dialer is now licensed under the commercially friendly and open source MPL v2.0 (Mozilla Public License).

For those who would rather concentrate on their business, rather than the technical aspects, we have put together a range of commercial installation, training and support packages for both single server and multi-server architectures, building in extra security, intrusion detection and server monitoring for our Newfies-Dialer Platform in order to suit cloud deployments, see pricing.

Our growing community is reporting that more instances of Newfies-Dialer are being used in production, and one company tells us they have run several successful campaigns with well over a million contacts. Hearing about successful Newfies-Dialer deployments is encouraging to us and we would love to hear more stories of Newfies-Dialer being used in production.

/Areski & the Newfies-Dialer Team