Newfies-Dialer V2.0 Released

autodialer solution

This latest release of Newfies-Dialer adds some of the the following enhancements, from improvements to the survey functionality through to brand new features such as Answering Machine Detection.

Phone Blasting and Autodialer software
Phone Blasting and Autodialer software

Phone Survey

The survey has been enhanced to easily allow repetitive surveys and maintain consistent reporting. A survey template is created, and when it is attached to a campaign, a copy is made of the survey, and all reports pertaining to that campaign are correctly linked.

Enhancements to the survey branching, logic and capabilities :

  • Retry logic to keep calling a contact until the survey is completed.
  • Completion status to denote a survey has been fully completed.
  • Branching supports invalid input.Support branching on timeout on a per node basis.
  • Capture entries with X digits (i.e. capture phone-number).
  • Display calls completed in reporting modules and dashboard.Include variables in Text to Speech.

Answering Machine Detection

The commercial AMD module allows Newfies-Dialer to detect whether the contact answering the phone is a real person answering the call or whether it is a voicemail message.

If the AMD module detects voicemail, then it will listen for the “record-your-message-now” beep and play the message to be left on the contact’s voicemail when recording starts.

Further information about this module can be found at Answering Machine Detection.

Other Enhancements

  • Continuous Integration – Applying continuous quality control in order to increase the quality of the software.
  • Deployment – Newfies-Dialer platform deployed with Nginx, Gunicorn, Supervisord and Postgresql for the best possible performance.
  • Better DBMS – We now only support Postgresql so we can concentrate on optimising the database for the best possible performance.
  • Comprehensive API – Straightforward integration with third party applications using API’s that correspond to each function available via the web interface.
  • Real-time reporting – Overview and detailed reporting of surveys and calls.
  • Extension Dialing – Dial the PSTN number, and then on answer send the DTMF for the extension.
  • Direct Freeswitch Integration – IVR logic coded in Lua for direct integration to Freeswitch for better performance and  flexibility when adding new features.
  • TTS Preview – Preview how the TTS sounds in the browser.
  • SMS Support – module supporting mass SMS broadcasting from Newfies-Dialer.

Any telecoms company wanting to provide multi-tenant voice and SMS broadcast facilities to their customers, or any business that needs to broadcast marketing, emergency and informational messages to their contacts may wish to consider Newfies-Dialer. Please contact us for more details.