Newfies-Dialer Version 0.1 (Beta) Released

bulk dialer

Star2Billing are proud to announce the release of their latest product, Newfies-Dialer, a free and open source voice broadcasting application to enable the automated delivery of interactive phone calls to contacts, clients and the general public.

Voice Broadcasting is a powerful business tool to automate phone calls for appointment reminders, delivery confirmations, event promotion, debt control, IVR campaigns, phone voting and surveys, automated teleconferencing and to relay vital information to your contacts over the phone.

Open source voice Broadcasting

At the same time, we launch our Newfies-Dialer community website, with documentation for different audiences at all levels of ability. There are documents for complete beginners to install Newfies-Dialer, aided by automated scripts, developer documentation, API specifications for systems integrators and guides to install Newfies-Dialer in the cloud distributing calls across multiple Freeswitch servers.

The quickest way to start exploring the capabilities of Newfies-Dialer is to go to our Get Started page, and follow the links to install Newfies-Dialer on your own server, and while doing so, take a few minutes to browse through the documentation and the solutions pages to get an idea what Newfies-Dialer can do.