Newfies-Dialer Version 2.13 released

voice broadcasting

We have released a new version of Newfies-Dialer, Version 2.13

Newfies-Dialer is a high capacity SMS and Voice Broadcasting application. It features:

  • Natively multi-tenant

  • Optional answering machine detection.

  • Press one transfers

  • Appointment reminders

  • Many more features and benefits

Voice Broadcasting application

The main changes in this new version 2.13 are:

  • Support for the latest stable version of Freeswitch 1.4

  • Support for the latest version of Lua 5.2

  • Better CDR event caching system

  • More robust CDR Event Collector

  • Lighter more efficient code

  • Many bug fixes

  • Better performance

Our extensive testing program shows that Newfies-Dialer is faster than ever before as a result of the upgrades to Freeswitch and Lua, as well as the changes made in the Newfies-Dialer code.

Contact us at for a demonstration and to book an installation with training and support.

The Newfies-Dialer Team