Origin of Newfies-Dialer – bulk dialer solution

bulk dialer

Newfies-Dialer is a bulk dialer application which was originally built to help a non profit organization named Kubatana (http://www.kubatana.net) based in Zimbabwe, which sponsors the Freedom Fone project (http://www.freedomfone.org/) dedicated to providing information via phone technology.

In less economically developed countries, Internet is often limited, but there is usually comprehensive mobile phone coverage. Freedom Fone uses Newfies-Dialer to call people’s phones and offer health information on Cholera, Malaria and so many other avoidable health issues in the third world, which may be alleviated by education. Newfies was so named after the Newfoundland Dog which is used by sea rescue services around the world.

Newfies-Dialer has been built using a messaging system so that it can support distributed processing on cloud servers. The platform is focused on real-time operations and task distributions meaning that many millions of calls can be processed daily.

Newfies-Dialer can be installed on a standalone server for smaller deployments. It currently utilises the Freeswitch Telephony engine (http://www.freeswitch.org) to process the the outbound calls.

Newfies-Dialer is written in Python using the Django Framework, and operates with message brokers such as RabbitMQ and Redis using the emerging open standard for messaging middleware, AMPQ (Advance Messaging Queuing Processing).

In order to communicate with external systems, Newfies-Dialer has been released with comprehensive set of API’s to easily integrate the platform with third-party applications. Furthermore, Newfies-Dialer is supplied with a comprehensive administrative and user interface which allow you and your customers to create outbound call campaigns, add phonebooks, subscribers, as well as record audio messages and design more complex IVR (Interactive Voice Response) applications. When ready and tested, the campaign can be launched from the interface.

Who is it for ?

NGOs :

  • NGOs that need a bulk dialer, in other words NGOs that needs to deliver a large numbers of messages to different communities. The platform can be used to offer complex data collection, voting applications and notification for availability of supplies.

Marketing :

  • Newfies-dialer is a powerful telephony based marketing tool to deliver advertising to your company’s contacts.

Emergency :

  • Provide a message delivery platform to quickly and efficiently send messages to communities.

Finance :

  • Debt Recovery and Reminders, this can be easily integrated with call centre software and processes.

Health & Welfare :

  • Deliver appointment reminders to patients of dentists, doctors and other organisations.


Today Newfies-Dialer can be used to covert a wide range of autodialing solutions, see our solutions section.