Outbound IVR

Outbound IVR

Newfies-Dialer’s Outbound IVR (Interactive Voice Response) creation screens are unique allowing users to create highly complex surveys with branching, or more simple press-one campaigns and play audio via our intuitive IVR builder. The survey builder has a range of nodes which used for different purposes which can be assembled to create IVRs many levels deep with branching based on previous answers, or even based on data available on third party servers using the API node to make an API call and branch on the result.


IVR Node Types

  • Play Audio: Play an audio file or text to speech
  • Rating Question: Capture a single digit number between 1 and 9, with a check to see it if it is the desired range.
  • Record Message: Record a message from a contact, and play it from the interface.
  • Multi-Choice: Branch to different parts of the survey with a multi-choice node, "press 1 for this, and 2 for that."
  • Capture Digits: Capture a range of digits such as an account number, with integrity checking.
  • Call Transfer: Bridge the call to another another telephone number as in "Press 1 to speak to an Agent"
  • Conference: Call lots of people and place them in the same conference.
  • DNC: Do Not Call, "Press 9 to be added to our Do Not Call list."
  • API: Make an API call to your own application, and control call flow based on the answer.
  • SMS: Send an SMS to your contact as part of the IVR, "Press 2 to receive an SMS with more information."
  • Hangup: Self Explanatory, hangs up the call at the end of the IVR.

The path through the IVR is determined by the node branching, so that multi-layered and complex IVR systems can be built.

Customers are using Newfies-Dialer for highly complex political surveys asking a many questions with the IVR flow being directed on the answer to the last question, and for simple “Press 1 to talk to an agent” lead generation campaigns. We have also helped customers with debt collection, using Newfies-Dialer as a reminder service that an invoice is now due for payment, and transferring the customer to an agent who can take credit card payment over the phone.

We provide installation on your own hardware or ours, including support and customization services