Phonetree in Newfies-Dialer Voice-Broadcasting Systems

A phonetree is an enormously useful technique for range of different applications from simple outbound messages to complicated question and answer voice menus.

People usually interact with a phonetree in their day to day business at banks, government services and other businesses to both find and give information, and to be directed to the person or department they want to speak to.


organisations making an automated outbound call to their customers and contacts in order to tell them about new products and services, asking for their opinion, e.g. phone polling and market research, or advising them of changes in the same way that education authorities might notify parents about unplanned school closures.

Voice broadcasting using a phonetree is a very effective and low cost method of marketing products and services, or simply getting the message out to your customers and contacts as thousands of people can be called in a small space of time for very little cost.

For a press one phone-tree, where the contact or customer is transferred to an agent when they press one, agents will be talking to a live person who is interested in the product, so that your expensive call centre staff will be far more productive and effective compared to standard cold calling techniques.

Phontree press 1 campaign

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