Political robocalls

political robocall
Political robocalls are one of the most effective ways to gauge voter interest and collect valuable data and metrics for a political campaign. With over 92% of adults owning a cellphone, it has never been a better time for politicians to reach out to a diverse demographic of prospective voters and share their message or gather data. Setting up a political robocall campaign is simple, and the effectiveness of the campaign usually relies heavily on the type of political robocall software that is used and the quality of the phone lists of prospective voters.
political robocalls
political robocalls
Political robocalls can be used in a variety of different ways, including:
  • Sending out campaign updates and breaking news alerts of a recent endorsement
  • Quickly responding to an attack from an opponent
  • Gauging voter interest in a variety of subjects that will be on upcoming ballots
  • Event reminders, as well as reminders to vote on certain days or at certain locations
  • Determining where voter interest is strong, to choose potential campaign locations, or alternatively finding out where voters are less likely to be engaged so that the area can be a focus in future outreach efforts
The robocall software for a campaign is especially important in order to make it easy for the citizens who will be called to share their opinion, and also to ensure that the data collected is in a manner that is clear to understand for the campaign organizers. In most cases, the use of an automated IVR can enable citizens to use the number pad on their phone to answer questions and then automatically relay that collected data back to the host. The use of an IVR also eliminates the need for live operators to place calls and manually collect data, and instead allows for the campaign to rapidly deploy calls at a high capacity – providing faster data collection and increasing efficiency.


With the Newfies-Dialer automated phone polling and voting software, campaign calls can be scaled up to 1 million calls over a five hour period – with instant results delivered back to the database once the call has been completed. This enables a campaign to immediately see the results of a survey, poll, or other metric that they specify in realtime though the backend console of the robocall campaign software. In addition, the Newfies-Dialer enables the political party to integrate with other 3rd-party API’s, so you can ensure that your collected data can be used effectively across your entire political organization. To begin a campaign, you only need a list of phone numbers for the software to call, and a recorded message either by a voice actor or through voice automation.


Regardless of the campaign strategy, political robocalls have long been a tried and true method to collect information and communicate with prospective voters and citizens. The Newfies-Dialer enables you to take full advantage of this popular outreach method and catapult your political campaign to the audience you need to reach in order to give you an edge over the competition.

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