Power Dialing for Newfies-Dialer


For the latest 4.8 release of Newfies-Dialer, there are a raft of new features. Our major milestone is introducing power dialing to Newfies-Dialer. You set the number of agents that will be available, and Newfies-Dialer makes sure that enough calls are made to keep the agents occupied, while not exceeding capacity.

Newfies-Dialer is a power dialer and voice broadcasting system with billing capabilities. The new power dialing mode will make your agents more productive by keeping them talking to leads and prospects for longer.

Newfies-Dialer Power Dialer Mode

Direct Live transfer

Adding power dialing to Newfies-Dialer combined with answering machine detection adds Direct Live Transfer where you send calls to your prospects and if answered by a human, the call is transferred directly to waiting agents on your call centre PBX. Calls that are answered by machines or are otherwise unanswered are simply abandoned.

Press-1 Transfer

Newfies-Dialer has always supported press-1, which is playing recorded audio and inviting your prospect to press-1 to speak to an agent. The new power dialling mode means that Newfies-Dialer will not make more calls than your agents can handle.

Outbound Call Center Solution Providers

Selling auto-dialing services with Newfies-Dialer is painless. Our Distributors already benefit from:

  • Generous Reseller Discounts
  • Multi-Tenant features
  • Per minute and SMS billing
  • White- labeling
  • Use your own VoIP providers

We have also introduced per user channel limits to only allow customers to consume the number of channels you allow them.

Reporting and other New Features

We’ve added a lot of new reporting including:

  • Export for individual survey questions
  • Call Transfer Reports
  • Aggregated CDR reports
  • API for CDR

There are a number of other new features, see the changelog Additionally, there are the usual performance enhancements and bug fixes.

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