Predictive Dialer Software – The Call Center Solution

Predictive Dialer Software - The Call Center Solution

The term “predictive dialer” has been thrown around in advertising for a multitude of phone dialing systems, but there are specific features that separate a feature-rich predictive dialer from the normal competition. Before we dive deep into what those features are, we first need to clarify what a predictive dialer is.

Predictive Dialer Software


What is a predictive dialer?

A predictive dialer is classified as an automated phone dialing system that enables agents to be directly connected to a prospective lead or customer. This is important because is reduces the amount of unwanted calls being sent to the agents. Unwanted calls can be anything from discontinued lines, answering tones and voicemail greetings, or lines that may be on hold. By reducing the amount of these unwanted calls, an agent is able to reach more live people without the unnecessary wait time. The predictive dialer acts as a filter for all calls coming into your contact center, the “good” calls get sent directly to an agent and the unwanted calls are put into a separate queue or ignored completely.

An efficient predictive dialer can accurately predict, through the use of mathematics and software logic, how long it will take for an agent to complete a call. In addition, a predictive dialer can adjust the rate at which an agent receives new calls based on the completion times of past calls, so it dynamically calculates in real time how quickly an agent can take calls that are coming in.


Do Predictive Dialers Actually work?

Studies have shown that predictive dialers have the potential to increase agent productivity immensely, sometimes up to 400%. In some cases, the amount of time it takes for a phone to ring can be completely eliminated, saving 30-45 seconds per call. The amount of time saved in this interaction alone makes predictive dialers well worth it in terms of efficiency.

Predictive dialers have been around for many years and are nothing new to contact centers, but choosing the right predictive dialer is the only way you can ensure you are reaching maximum efficiency at your call center.


About Newfies-Dialer Autodialer Software

With the Newfies-Dialer autodialer software, you can take advantage of the cutting edge features of our autodialer and more, including:
Call Scheduling - Set restrictions on when a contact is called so that you stay compliant and don’t call during restricted times. Call scheduling is excellent for sending appointment reminders and other targeted call campaigns.

Voicemail / Greeting Detection - Our dialer software easily determines the difference between voicemail and a live caller, allowing the system to leave a voicemail or end the call depending on your custom preferences.

Automatic Redial - If the software reaches a voice mailbox, or the call recipient did not complete the desired action during the call, the system will recall at a later time.

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