Press 1 Live Call Transfer and DNC list – Release V2.1

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Less than a month after our release of Newfies-Dialer v2.0, we have added one of the most popular requests; Live-call transfer, giving the ability to run Press One Campaigns.

Live Call Transfers

Live Call Transfers allow you to create a telephony application such as “To talk to an agent, press one”. The call will then be bridged to an agent or queue on a remote PBX.

We have also added other requested features :

  • DNC (Do not call) allowing a contact to press a key to be added to the DNC list
  • Call Conferencing, to automatically dial contacts and put them into a conference.
Live Call Transfer and Do Not Call List
Live Call Transfer and Do Not Call List

The benefits of Newfies-Dialer now include:

  • Tested at 1 million calls in less than 5 hours.
  • AMD (Answering Machine Detection) module.
  • Press-one campaigns with Live-Call Transfer feature.
  • DNC support.
  • SMS broadcasting as standard.
  • Flexible survey and IVR editor.
  • Comprehensive reporting.


Any telecom company wanting to provide multi-tenant voice and SMS broadcast facilities to their customers, a business that needs to broadcast marketing, emergency and informational messages to their contacts or real time live transfers lead generation, may wish to consider Newfies-Dialer. Please contact us for more details.

The Newfies-Dialer Team