Newfies-Dialer Robocall Software with Billing Capabilities

One of the most requested featured for Newfies-Dialer, our Robocall Software solution is an easy-to-use rating and billing with credit card processing so that companies can use the multi-tenant capabilities of Newfies-Dialer to bill their own clients robocalls on a pre-paid basis, and stop calls when your customer’s credit runs out.

We have now developed auto-dialer billing for Newfies-Dialer and included Paypal and Braintree (a division of Paypal) credit card processing for customer self service.

Autodialer software with Billing capabilitiesFor voice broadcasting, a rate per minute and increment amount, irrespective of destination can be set for each customer, so for instance, a rate of 2c per minute can be set, rounded up to the nearest 6 seconds. SMS broadcasting is also covered, a rate per SMS sent can be set for each customer.

Autodialer VoIP Billing Report

Billing is available at no extra charge to all Newfies-Dialer customers, but for smaller systems, there will be a small charge made for adding credit card processing integration to cover the extra work involved in setting this up.

Billing support in Newfies-Dialer software enables businesses to resell SMS and Voice broadcasting services to their customers and power their own branded SMS & Voice Broadcasting SaaS platform using their own carriers and suppliers.

The Newfies-Dialer team will set up your system for you, branded to your business, help you connect Newfies-Dialer to your switch or carriers, provide full training and ongoing support giving you the confidence to sell robocalls, SMS and voice broadcasting services to your customers.

The Newfies-Dialer Team.

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