Sell Voice Broadcasting and Power-Dialing Services to your Customers


For businesses and telecoms companies wanting to sell voice broadcasting and power-dialing to their customers, while using your own VoIP carriers, Newfies-Dialer has a number of features designed to make this easy.

  • Multi-Tenant: Newfies-Dialer is multi-Tenant, so many customers can operate their voice broadcasting campaigns on the same platform at the same time.
  • Billing: A per minute rate can be set against each customer, as customers call their contacts, the balance is decremented. When the balance reaches 0, no more calls can be made.
  • Revenue Protection: When balance reaches 0, calls will stop, low balance notifications can be sent out at a preset threshold, inviting customers to top-up.
  • Credit Card integration: Newfies-Dialer is credit card and Paypal ready so that customers can top-up their accounts without administrator intervention.
  • White Labelled: Sell voice broadcasting and power-dialer services under your own brand.
  • Resell Newfies-Dialer: We also have a number of generous reseller options from simple commission based referrals to white-label distributor.

Newfies-Dialer Dashboard

Organisations who use Newfies-Dialer include Political Campaigners using it for polling, surveying and canvassing; Marketing Companies doing telemarketing and lead generation via press-one calling; Governmental Organisations using Newfies-Dialer for mass emergency broadcasting and informational messages and medical practices sending appointment reminders by SMS and voice.

If you want to provide voice broadcasting services from your own white-label Newfies-Dialer system, or resell complete Newfies-Dialer systems, contact us for more details and for a demo.


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