We have added two new features to the “Press One” transfer facility in version 2.19


When the contact is transferred to an external number such as an agent, a message can be played to the agent, possibly to tell the agent to access a specific customer file, the agent then presses 5 to accept the call, then the contact and the agent are bridged.

During the period that the customer is waiting for the agent to accept the call, the customer hears a message configured in the survey node followed by ringing.

We are grateful to Advoice Mobile, http://www.advoicemobile.com/ for sponsoring this development who specialise in advertising and lead generation where Newfies-Dialer plays a substantial role.

Advoice Mobile sponsored development of Newfies-Dialer in the past, being responsible for the dynamic transfer functionality, where the transfer number can be set from a JSON value against the contact, i.e. { “transfer_phonenumber”: “12024648397” }

The Newfies-Dialer Team.