Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

The cost of health-care professionals is high and resources are often limited. Each missed appointment by a patient has a direct cost.

Newfies-Dialer supports appointment reminders via SMS, Voice and email. Reminders can be a single event or can be recurring events to not only phone the reminder, but also present an IVR to allow the patient to cancel the appointment or reschedule, as well as confirm their attendance.

Additionally, the appointments module supports the use of tag replacement, so that the message can be personalised. e.g.

For example; set “Additional Parameters (JSON)” to:

{"doctor_name": "Herbert", "apt_date" : "tenth of January at 5pm"}

When a survey is created with a node that plays TTS, you can replace the key-values in the text:

"We are calling you on behalf of doctor {doctor_name}, we want to remind you of your appointment on the {apt_date}"

This will play as "We are calling you on behalf or Doctor Herbert, we want to remind you of your appointment on the tenth of January at five PM"

Each function on the web portal is supported by an underlying API allowing Newfies-Dialer to be easily integrated into 3rd party applications.

Appointment reminders need not only applicable in the health-care industry, but also to other industries ensuring that all possible efforts are made to keep an appointment, thus saving staffing costs and making best use of available resources.

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