Dissemination of Information by Phone

Dissemination of Information by Phone

Newfies-Dialer was first created at the behest of the Kubatana charity based in Zimbabwe, which in turn sponsors the Freedomfone project.

The purpose of Newfies-Dialer in this environment was to disseminate health and medical information to people in third world countries by using telecasting.

The growth of mobile phone networks in third world countries has far outstripped the number traditional fixed lines. Coupled with schemes which offer a phone number for life, dissemination of information is more viable via phone than it is by almost any other methodology, especially when one considers that in many such countries, literacy rates are low.

Newfies-Dialer can be used to dial thousands or even millions of people per day and issue health alerts, the nature of the symptoms, and where to go for advice and treatment. IVR systems can also be used to allow the called party to select options to hear more detail about particular subjects, all at no cost to the recipient.

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