Live Lead Generation

Live Transfers

Live lead generation using "Press One" campaigns are widely viewed as very effective  marketing and sales tool, mainly because of the ability to reach more people in less time.

Typically how it works is that a contact list is uploaded, and a campaign configured to call the list with a short introductory message to the product in question, followed by "To talk to a live person, press one now"  Newfies-Dialer will then bridge or live-transfer the call to one of your sales agents via your IP-PBX. 

If the contact does press one, it usually means that the customer is interested in the product, which should make the sales process easier.

Press One campaigns can be combined with Answering Machine Detection so that a message can be tailored to suit either a live person or voicemail.

Furthermore, Press one campaigns can also be combined with DNC (Do Not Call), so that a contact can opt not to be called again regarding this product.


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