Outbound Call Conferencing

Outbound Call Conferencing

Outbound Call Conferencing is an effective way of joining people up into a conference. Rather than relying on people to remember to phone into the conference, a list of attendees can be uploaded, and the campaign set to launch at the appropriate time.

The problems of getting people to be in the same conference at the same time are well known to anyone who uses conferences regularly, Everyone has to remember to dial at the same time, using the right number, which may vary depending on country, as well as enter the conference number and a PIN.

Newfies-Dialer approaches this problem in a different way by calling everyone who needs to be in the conference at the same time, and then placing them automatically in the conference.

Newfies-Dialer will call everyone in the list, and put them all into the specified conference. For some applications, such as virtual town hall style conferencing, some conference members are only required to listen, while others are only required to talk as well. Callers can be placed into the conference with different options, such as being muted so that background noise from other attendees does not overwhelm the conference speaker.

Outbound call conferencing has clear business uses, as well as the increasingly popular Virtual Town Hall, where many people can be conferenced in to listen to a public speech.

For more details about outbound call conferencing in Newfies-Dialer and its other features, contact us.


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